Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The valve/solenoid doesn't activate, what gives?

    Double check the wiring connections, and ensure you've used at least 14ga wire.

  • I've got a flashing red light on the Rev Limiter.

    Check the wiring and connections to the pulse source. Re-adjust the mag/hall effect sensor. If using the alternator as the pulse source, ensure you're using a rectified signal.

  • When trying to set the RPM threshold on the Rev Limiter, I get a red blinking light.

    Ensure you're pressing the SET button and not the TEST button.

  • Where do I find the engine pulse source?

    For light trucks, please refer to our "Pulse Pickup Point" spreadsheet. For heavy duty trucks and equipment, please contact the engine/equipment manufacturer for a pulse pickup location.

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