Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The valve/solenoid doesn't activate, what gives?

    Double check the wiring connections, and ensure you've used at least 12ga. wire maximum 15 foot length runs on 12 volt or 60 feet on 24 volt.

  • I've got a flashing red light on the Rev Limiter.

    Check the wiring and connections to the pulse source. Re-adjust the mag/hall effect sensor. If using the alternator as the pulse source, ensure you're using a rectified signal.

  • When trying to set the RPM threshold on the Rev Limiter, I get a red blinking light.

    Ensure you're pressing the SET button and not the TEST button.

  • Where do I find the engine pulse source?

    For light trucks, please refer to our "Pulse Pickup Point" spreadsheet. For heavy duty trucks and equipment, please contact the engine/equipment manufacturer for a pulse pickup location.

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