Shocker Positive Air Shutoff System

Just received our full North American patent for our products great way to start 2021.


Manufacturer of the ShockerPASS positive air shutoff system. A North American built air intake shutoff valve for diesel engines. We prevent diesel engine runaway by monitoring your engine RPM and shutting off the engine air supply with our valve before an engine over speed can occur. Our systems are also available in a manual operator-controlled style.

We manufacture systems for all diesel engines.

Only company in the industry with a FULL TWO year warranty on all components.
No hourly or mileage limits.

First in the Industry with a TWO Year Warranty

Modular Design
Our modular design ensures you get exactly what you want with no compromises or extra frills. Our positive air shutoff systems can be custom built and tailored to be your perfect solution. The modular design also allows for simple repairs or upgrades down the road, without the need to purchase an entirely new valve.
Same Day Shipping
Your time is valuable, and we understand that. That is why we offer same or next day shipping. Our quick shipping combined with our easy installations ensures you are back in the field with minimal downtime. We strive to make the Shocker Positive Air Shutoff System the easiest purchase you will make.
First Class Support
We back our product with in-house first-class support. This ensures any and all questions or difficulties are resolved as quickly as possible. Your inquiries are our top priority. Our positive air shutoff system support specialists are available within minutes. Please visit our support page for more information or contacts.

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    Preset the lights to be dimly lit in a hue of blue, have the music playing, and the temperature is set just right for when you arrive. All this and more thanks to the presets that Shocker Automation has to offer.



    Security and Safety
    A positive air shutoff system is a necessity for anyone with a diesel engine that may come in contact with natural gas, propane, or any other flammable gasses. A small leak of flammable gas is likely to cause a diesel engine to "run away", causing catastrophic damage to the engine, and surrounding area as it explodes.
    Prevents catastrophic failure
    A diesel engine will utilize any fuel available, and flammable gas in the air is more than enough to keep a diesel engine running, even when the key is removed. Once a diesel engine gets a supply of flammable gas in the air, it will run indefinitely or to the point of catastrophic failure. The only way to prevent and stop this is to shut off the air supply to the engine, starving it of gaseous fuel.
    SMART sensors
    The Shocker Positive Air Shutoff System is capable of automatically sensing high-revving "run away" situations, and will automatically shut the valve, closing the air supply to the engine to protect the engine itself, as well as property and personnel in the area.

    Shocker Pass Positive Air Shutoff System

    Presentation video highlighting how our system works, our various types of smart controllers and sensors, why you should choose our valve and what options are best for you.


    Installation of Shocker Positive Air Shutoff System on a 2016 International with an ISX Cummins.

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