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Preventing Diesel Engine Runaway: Positive Air Shut Off Valves

Headwind Solutions builds the best positive air shut off valves available. When your diesel engine is running, the only way to guarantee it will stop running is to take the air supply away from it. Our positive air shut off valves go into your engine to shut down any supply of ambient air to your engine with both manual and automatic configurations available. In order to guarantee the safety of your team members and your equipment, trust a Headwind Solutions ShockerPASS! Proudly delivering across North America.

Quality Materials. Advanced Safety. North American Design.

Shocker Pass Silver positive air shut off

North American Made

Protecting People, Protecting Property

Headwind Solutions Positive Air Shut Off Valves are completely North American made. Each of our valves is built with Billet 6061 aluminum which is far more durable than any other brand’s shut off valve. Billet 6061 aluminum has a raw yield strength of 35000 psi, almost as high as carbon steel, while being innately corrosion resistant and is ideal for external engine components.

The quality of the ShockerPASS is unmatched. We have the first prototype of an autoreset shut off valve that is not a stepper motor, so you can rest assured your ShockerPASS will work, everytime. Most stepper motor controlled shut off valves fail the majority of the time, while the ShockerPASS is tested and tested again to guarantee it will work when it’s needed.

Our ShockerPASS is made entirely in North America ensuring high quality materials and the best quality assurance and quality control available. We offer manual and automatic configurations to suit your needs.

Avoid explosions, engine failure, and wasted time by installing a ShockerPASS. Ensure that you protect your people and assets from the dangers of diesel engine runaway with a Headwind Solutions Positive Air Shut Off Valve!

How the Automatic RPM Shut Off Works

The ShockerPASS comes in two major configurations to ensure your ambient air intake supply is completely shut. We recommend our automatic, RPM controlled shut off where your installation team will set the RPM parameters to slightly above your engine’s Red Line. If your engine exceeds that speed, the ShockerPASS will immediately engage and shut off the air supply. The RPM model also comes with an operator control shut off where in the cab of the truck or outside of the machine, anyone can activate the shut off valve.

Your installation team will set these RPM parameters to slightly above your engine’s Red Line, ensuring that the system is activated only in critical scenarios. If your engine exceeds that speed, the ShockerPASS will immediately engage and shut off the air supply, preventing potential damage or hazards.

Automatic shut-off systems like the ShockerPASS are essential for maintaining engine integrity and safety, particularly in high-risk environments where engine overspeed can lead to catastrophic failures. These systems are designed to provide real-time responses to critical conditions, thereby preventing damage to the engine and associated components. By integrating automatic shut off systems, operators can benefit from reduced maintenance costs, extended engine life, and improved overall safety. 

The other shut off option is entirely operator activated, which can run the risk of human error; however, the manual, operator controlled system is a great option to comply with some regulatory requirements.

SHOCKER PASS Auto Reset Kits Include2 1 positive air shut off

Custom Positive Air Shut Off Configurations

Manual Positive Air Shut Off

How to Use the Manual Shut Off Systems

While manual positive air shut offs are not as reliable as automatic positive air shut off systems, they are still beneficial and useful in many scenarios. For equipment that is constantly manned, a manual positive air shut off is an affordable and safe option.

Manual systems rely on the operator to flip a switch if the diesel engine starts running away. While this would not be useful for equipment that runs without operators, equipment that always has an operator nearby can benefit from the simpler shut off technology. If you are using a forklift, dozer, excavator, drum roller, or any other equipment that continuously has an operator running, Manual Positive Air Shut Offs may be a good option. However, if you’re running equipment that does not always have an operator within range, we recommend our automatic configurations!


A Major Safety Risk

Stopping Diesel Engine Runaway in Its Tracks

Runaway diesel engines have been an issue since the invention of a diesel engine. Compression ignited engines are highly efficient and effective, but they also bring added safety risks. Because diesel engines don’t need an electrical source to run, when you turn the engine key off it doesn’t necessarily stop the engine. This is because hydrocarbons in the air that are combustible will keep the engine running.

If the engine consumes any combustible gasses with the ambient air it will begin to overspeed uncontrollably. Diesel engine runaway can destroy your engine where it won’t be usable until it’s repaired or replaced. When your diesel engine runs away components superheat and can seize or explode, creating an ignition source. Diesel engine runaway can be catastrophic, taking lives, causing grave injuries, and destroying property.

Don’t let diesel engine runaway become a problem! Trust a Headwind Solutions ShockerPASS!

Credit to Chemical Safety Board for this insightful video on the dangers of Diesel Engine Runaway.

Tried, Tested, and True

ShockerPASS Has Unmatched Quality

Quality Control

A lot of competitors will only test their shut off valves to see if the product works. That’s not how Headwind Solutions performs quality control checks.

We test our products and new materials to see if we can destroy them. We know the importance of our products as they keep people and assets safe, so when you buy the ShockerPASS you can rest assured it’s the best the market has to offer. Before we introduce a new component or product, know that we’ve spent months beating them to a pulp to ensure that the ShockerPASS is long lasting, durable, and will keep you safe!

Designed to be Repairable

Each unit is hand tested by three people before it leaves the building. We never send a product out before it’s tested, and we make sure everything is in the kit before it goes out the door. The ShockerPASS is also designed to be repairable, saving you money in the long run. Each component of the shut off valve can be replaced and repaired to extend the use of your ShockerPASS.

For a positive air shut off valve with unmatched quality, trust Headwind Solutions’ ShockerPASS!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you and your company for producing such an excellent product. We were very impressed by the fit and finish of the valves. Excellent design, easy to use, and they look great! We installed 11 of these so far on a fleet of different automotive and heavy duty trucks all without issues. The 2 year warranty is excellent peace of mind.

Your support staff there at Headwind Solutions is also excellent and everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Looking forward to working with you in the future, The Shocker PASS is the only valve we will recommend to our customers.

Fabian Bonjean

Foothills Fleet Service

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Most petrochemical industries will require a diesel engine to have a positive air shut off valve installed. Cal/OSHA dictates that all engines should be shut off immediately if flammable gas concentration exceeds 10%, and that every diesel engine requires a shut off valve. We have developed the ShockerPASS to work within all regulatory and safety requirements in the United States. The Alberta Energy Regulator states that every diesel engine at an oil patch in Alberta requires a positive air shut off valve, and Transport Canada requires any vehicle carrying class 2 or 3 chemicals to have an RPM controlled positive air shut off valve at the risk of a hefty fine. The ShockerPASS is designed to fit within all Canadian safety standards! Whether you’re purchasing a device for the US or Canada, Headwind Solutions will be able to fit your needs.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. Get the best available positive air shut off valve to avoid diesel engine runaway, today.

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