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Proactive Engine Safety with the ShockerEDGE

The ShockerEDGE is the first and only of its kind. This leading technology is installed in any internal combustion engine and uses a molecular properties spectrometer to read the incoming ambient air and detect any dangerous gasses present. As soon as the sensor detects any airborne hydrocarbons (LEL) in the ambient air, it will turn the engine off.

Absolutely NO docking stations, calibration, bump gas, or instrument technicians. With the ShockerEDGE your engine becomes the continuous gas monitor and recalibrates automatically.

The ShockerEDGE is set to 7.5% LEL to be above industry regulatory requirements in both Canada and the United States, ensuring that your engine is turned off and you are warned of any danger long before there’s any potential issue.

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Convenient Gas Detection

The ShockerEDGE has no need for bump gas, calibration, intrument techs, or docking stations. Our patented technology removes the annoyance of past gas detection devices.

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North American Made

The ShockerEDGE is set to the highest standards. Everything we make is quality controlled and tested to fail. When you install the ShockerEDGE, you can trust that you’re getting the best quality materials and the highest level of manufacturing and machining processes.

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Shut Off Valve Equivalencies

The ShockerEDGE works either in tandem or can easily replace a positive air shut off valve. We have received equivalency papers for Canadian industries that the ShockerEDGE can be used instead of a required positive air shut off valve.

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North American Made

One of a Kind Ambient Air Gas Detection

ShockerEDGE is 100% North American designed and built. Each ShockerEDGE is tested by three people before it heads out the door. We use the highest quality materials to ensure added durability and longevity. Every ShockerEDGE is tested and programmed in-house and is purpose built for each customer.

When you buy a ShockerEDGE, it will be built specifically for your order. We can develop ShockerEDGE units that are suitable for the US and Canada. Don’t miss out on the added safety for your workforce and assets, choose early detection with the ShockerEDGE!

A Continuous Gas Monitor

Better Quality Gas Detection with the ShockerEDGE

When you’ve stepped out of your vehicle onsite, has your personal monitor ever warned you that you were in danger?

Personal safety monitors are static detection that only sense danger when you’re in the midst of it. By installing the ShockerEDGE, your team members will stay safe as drivers will always be alerted if there’s an issue – before they step outside the vehicle. This system lets you know you’re in trouble while there’s still time to act.

The ShockerEDGE has Equivalency Certificates for Positive Air Shut Off Valves

The ShockerEDGE can be used in tandem with a positive air shut off valve; however, it is fully able to shut off a vehicle on its own. Headwind Solutions has received equivalency certificates from Transport Canada for the approved the use of the ShockerEDGE in place of a positive air shut off valve. If you are interested in installing the ShockerEDGE in your fleet in Canada or the United States, talk to us about our available equivalency papers!

Save Yourself the Headache

The ShockerEDGE Gives You Efficient, Proactive Detection

All current sensors on the market are tedious, time consuming, and expensive. Catalytic Bead Type Detectors require you to charge the unit before every use. Once charged, they require daily, manual calibration that isn’t as reliable, plus it requires bump tests. Bump gas can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000 per can, plus if there is any issue with the calibration and bump test or if over exposed on site, the sensor can poison and need to be thrown away.

If you top this with the fact that catalytic bead type detectors need to see an instrument technician every 90 days or it won’t start, these sensors are an expensive and time-consuming option for operators. The ShockerEDGE system will take away most of this inconvenience.

The ShockerEDGE doesn’t need ANY docking stations, bump gas, calibration, or instrument technicians. 

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A Proactive Solution

Reducing the Risk of Gas Exposure

Being exposed to flammable and toxic gasses is incredibly hazardous. The ShockerEDGE will alert you of the dangers before you’ve stepped outside and your personal monitor alerts you. This provides you a chance to get out of a danger zone without exposure to gas leaks or inhaling toxic gas.

The ShockerEDGE proactively shuts systems down to keep people and assets safe.

This early detection not only keeps the people onsite safe, but it can also help keep your facility safe. The earlier you’re alerted of a potential gas leak the better chance you have at stopping it at its source before it’s a risk of explosion.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you and your company for producing such an excellent product. We were very impressed by the fit and finish of the valves. Excellent design, easy to use, and they look great! We installed 11 of these so far on a fleet of different automotive and heavy duty trucks all without issues. The 2 year warranty is excellent peace of mind.

Your support staff there at Headwind Solutions is also excellent and everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Fabian Bonjean

Foothills Fleet Service

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The ShockerEDGE is 100% digital and calibrates itself every two seconds. The sensor is connected to your unit’s battery, so there’s no need to worry about charging. Because the ShockerEDGE is completely digital, there’s no bump gas and no trips to the instrument tech in order to ensure that the sensor is working. By recalibrating every two seconds, the ShockerEDGE calibrates the temperature, pressure, and humidity at the same time and provides reliable data as you move to different atmospheres.

With the digital display, you’ll know exactly what gasses are present in the atmosphere surrounding your equipment to ensure you can always act with safety in mind.

The worst thing that can happen is one of your workers not coming home one day, and with the ShockerEDGE we can further limit the risk.

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